About Us

Since 1956, the Arts Council of Oak Ridge has worked to raise the visibility of all arts groups, promote the arts as a community asset, and assist its member organization in fund raising efforts.The Arts Council of Oak Ridge consists of a board of community volunteers, representing the arts and the corporate business community, and an Executive Director.

Why we are different

Oak Ridge has a unique history all it's own and with such a diverse group of people we are very fortunate to have an equally broad number of artists and art organizations.

Many of our member organizations are over 65 years old, and with a history as rich as this we are constantly challenged to find novel ways to support and promote our member organizations while balancing the tried and true methods.

Our imagination

You may have been brought here by a flyer, a postcard, an advert, or word of mouth. We are alsways looking for new members with unique skills to join our team. If you have a passion for the arts and a strong sense of community then we would love to meet you. We envision our future as a bright one welcoming in new technology to get out message to the people. The Arts are alive and well in Oak Ridge!